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Use the avatar component to show a visual representation of a user profile using an image element or SVG object based on multiple styles and sizes

The avatar component can be used as a visual identifier for a user profile on your website and you can use the examples from Flowbite to modify the styles and sizes of these components using the utility classes from Tailwind CSS.

Setup #

Import Avatar. If you are using the user dropdown, import Dropdown, DropdownHeader, DropdownItem, DropdownDivider. If you are using tooltip for avatar import Tooltip.

  • Svelte
  import { Avatar, Dropdown, DropdownHeader, DropdownItem, DropdownDivider, Tooltip } from 'flowbite-svelte';

Default avatar #

Use this example to create a circle and rounded avatar on an image element.

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<div class="flex space-x-4 rtl:space-x-reverse">
  <Avatar src="/images/profile-picture-2.webp" />
  <Avatar src="/images/profile-picture-2.webp" rounded />

Bordered #

You can apply a border around the avatar component.

If you can use the ring-{color} class from Tailwind CSS to modify ring color.

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<Avatar src="/images/profile-picture-2.webp" border />
<Avatar src="/images/profile-picture-2.webp" border class="ring-red-400 dark:ring-red-300" />

Placeholder #

When there is no custom image available a placeholder is displayed.

  • Svelte
<Avatar />
<Avatar rounded />
<Avatar border />
<Avatar rounded border />

Placeholder initials #

This example can be used to show the initials of the user’s first and last name as a placeholder when no profile picture is available.

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Avatar tooltip #

Use this example to show a tooltip when hovering over the avatar.

  • Svelte
  import { Avatar, Tooltip } from 'flowbite-svelte';

<Avatar data-name="Jese Leos" rounded src="/images/profile-picture-1.webp" />
<Avatar data-name="Robert Gouth" rounded src="/images/profile-picture-2.webp" />
<Avatar data-name="Bonnie Green" rounded src="/images/profile-picture-3.webp" />
<Tooltip triggeredBy="[data-name]" on:show={(e) => (name =}>{name}</Tooltip>

Dot indicator #

Use a dot element relative to the avatar component as an indicator for the user (eg. online or offline status).

  • Svelte
  import { Avatar, Indicator } from 'flowbite-svelte';

<Avatar src="/images/profile-picture-3.webp" dot={{ color: 'red' }} />
<Avatar src="/images/profile-picture-3.webp" dot={{ placement: 'top-right', color: 'red' }} rounded />
<Avatar src="/images/profile-picture-5.webp" dot={{ placement: 'bottom-right', color: 'green' }} />
<Avatar src="/images/profile-picture-5.webp" dot={{ placement: 'bottom-right' }} rounded />

<Avatar dot={{}} />

Stacked #

Use this example if you want to stack a group of users by overlapping the avatar components.

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<div class="flex mb-5">
  <Avatar src="/images/profile-picture-1.webp" stacked />
  <Avatar src="/images/profile-picture-2.webp" stacked />
  <Avatar src="/images/profile-picture-3.webp" stacked />
  <Avatar stacked />
<div class="flex">
  <Avatar src="/images/profile-picture-1.webp" stacked />
  <Avatar src="/images/profile-picture-2.webp" stacked />
  <Avatar src="/images/profile-picture-3.webp" stacked />
  <Avatar stacked href="/" class="bg-gray-700 text-white hover:bg-gray-600 text-sm">+99</Avatar>

Avatar text #

This example can be used if you want to show additional information in the form of text elements such as the user’s name and join date.

Jese Leos
Joined in August 2014
  • Svelte
<div class="flex items-center space-x-4 rtl:space-x-reverse">
  <Avatar src="/images/profile-picture-1.webp" rounded />
  <div class="space-y-1 font-medium dark:text-white">
    <div>Jese Leos</div>
    <div class="text-sm text-gray-500 dark:text-gray-400">Joined in August 2014</div>

User dropdown #

Use this example if you want to show a dropdown menu when clicking on the avatar component.

  • Svelte
  import { Avatar, Dropdown, DropdownHeader, DropdownItem, DropdownDivider } from 'flowbite-svelte';

<Avatar id="user-drop" src="/images/profile-picture-3.webp" class="cursor-pointer" dot={{ color: 'green' }} />
<Dropdown triggeredBy="#user-drop">
    <span class="block text-sm">Bonnie Green</span>
    <span class="block truncate text-sm font-medium"></span>
  <DropdownDivider />
  <DropdownItem>Sign out</DropdownItem>

Sizes #

You can set size property to preset values of xs | sm | md | lg | xl. Custom size can be achieved by setting size to none and adding any of the Tailwind Css size classes like w-[x] h-[x].

Preset values are equivalents of:

Size Classes
xs w-6 h-6
sm w-8 h-8
md w-10 h-10
lg w-20 h-20
xl w-36 h-36
  • Svelte
<div class=" flex flex-wrap justify-center space-x-4 rtl:space-x-reverse">
  <Avatar src="/images/profile-picture-3.webp" rounded size="xs" />
  <Avatar src="/images/profile-picture-3.webp" rounded size="sm" />
  <Avatar src="/images/profile-picture-3.webp" rounded size="md" />
  <Avatar src="/images/profile-picture-3.webp" rounded size="lg" />
  <Avatar src="/images/profile-picture-3.webp" rounded size="xl" />
  <Avatar src="/images/profile-picture-3.webp" rounded size="none" class="w-28 h-28" />

Component data #

The component has the following props, type, and default values. See types page for type information.

Avatar styling #

  • Use the class prop to overwrite the default class.

References #