Svelte Video - Flowbite

Use the video component to configure an embedded video player using native HTML 5 functionality based on the utility classes from Tailwind CSS


  import { Video } from 'flowbite-svelte';

Video player

Use this example to create a native browser video player and apply the w-full utility class from Tailwind CSS to span the full width of the parent container.

<Video src='/videos/flowbite.mp4' controls trackSrc='flowbite.mp4' />


Use the autoplay attribute on the video component to automatically start the video when the page has been loaded.

<Video src='/videos/flowbite.mp4' autoplay controls trackSrc='flowbite.mp4' />


Use the muted attribute together with the autoplay option to start the video while the sound is muted.

<Video src='/videos/flowbite.mp4' autoplay muted controls trackSrc='flowbite.mp4' />


Set the width and height of the video component using the w-{size} and h-{size} classes.


Use the w-{size} class to set the height of the video player.

<Video src='/videos/flowbite.mp4' controls class='w-96' trackSrc='flowbite.mp4' />


Use the h-{size} class to set the height of the video player.

<Video src='/videos/flowbite.mp4' controls class='h-80' trackSrc='flowbite.mp4' />


Use the following example to make the video responsive across all devices and viewports.

<Video src='/videos/flowbite.mp4' controls class='w-full max-w-full h-auto' trackSrc='flowbite.mp4' />

Custom styles

Customize the video player appearance using the utility classes from Tailwind CSS such as rounded-{size} or border to set rounded corners and border.

<Video src='/videos/flowbite.mp4' controls class='w-full max-w-full h-auto rounded-lg border border-gray-200 dark:border-gray-700' trackSrc='flowbite.mp4' />


The component has the following props, type, and default values. See types page for type information.

Name Type Default
src string
type string 'video/mp4'
trackSrc string ''
srclang string 'en'
label string 'english_captions'


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