Svelte 500 Pages - Flowbite Svelte Blocks

Get started with a collection of 500 status code pages coded with Tailwind CSS to show when a server error is being triggered.

Default 500 page #

Use this example of a page to show when an internal server error has happened and a 500 status code has to be shown.

  • Svelte
  import { Section, Page500 } from 'flowbite-svelte-blocks';

<Section name="page500">
    <svelte:fragment slot="h1">500</svelte:fragment>
    <svelte:fragment slot="paragraph">
      <p class="mb-4 text-3xl tracking-tight font-bold text-gray-900 md:text-4xl dark:text-white">Internal Server Error.</p>
      <p class="mb-4 text-lg font-light text-gray-500 dark:text-gray-400">We are already working to solve the problem.</p>

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