Svelte Update Modals (CRUD) - Flowbite Svelte Blocks

Get started with a collection of modal components based on the CRUD layout to update an existing set of data from the database built with Tailwind CSS.

Default modal #

Use this free example of a modal component to update an existing data entry inside the database featuring text field inputs, selects, and a textarea.

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<script lang="ts">
  import { Section } from 'flowbite-svelte-blocks';
  import { Modal, Button, Input, Label, Select, Textarea } from 'flowbite-svelte';

  let defaultModal = false;
  const handleUpdate = () => {
    alert('Clicked update.');
  const handleDelete = () => {
    alert('Clicked delete.');
  let selected = 'phone';
  let items = [
    { value: 'tv', name: 'TV/Monitors' },
    { value: 'pc', name: 'PC' },
    { value: 'phone', name: 'Phones' }
  const productData = {
    name: 'iPad Air Gen 5th Wi-Fi',
    brand: 'Google',
    price: '$399',
    category: 'phone',
    description: 'Standard glass, 3.8GHz 8-core 10th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, Turbo Boost up to 5.0GHz, 16GB 2666MHz DDR4 memory, Radeon Pro 5500 XT with 8GB of GDDR6 memory, 256GB SSD storage, Gigabit Ethernet, Magic Mouse 2, Magic Keyboard - US'

<Section classSection="h-96">
  <div class="flex justify-center m-5">
    <Button on:click={() => (defaultModal = true)}>Update Product</Button>
  <Modal title="Add Product" bind:open={defaultModal} autoclose class="min-w-full">
      <div class="grid gap-4 mb-4 sm:grid-cols-2">
          <Label for="name" class="mb-2">Name</Label>
          <Input type="text" id="name" placeholder="" value={} required />
          <Label for="brand" class="mb-2">Brand</Label>
          <Input type="text" id="brand" placeholder="" value={productData.brand} required />
          <Label for="price" class="mb-2">Price</Label>
          <Input type="text" id="price" placeholder="" value={productData.price} required />
            <Select class="mt-2" {items} bind:value={selected} required />
        <div class="sm:col-span-2">
          <Label for="description" class="mb-2">Description</Label>
          <Textarea id="description" placeholder="Your description here" rows="4" name="description" required value={productData.description} />
        <div class="flex items-center space-x-4">
          <Button type="submit" class="w-64" on:click={handleUpdate}>Update product</Button>
          <Button type="submit" class="w-52" outline color="red" on:click={handleDelete}>Delete</Button>

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